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Plasma Fibroblast Skin Tightening is a minimally invasive procedure that produces exceptional tightening of the skin and regeneration of collagen without surgery. Using a plasma pen with a disposable probe, sublimation of micro-columns of skin can be achieved. Essentially the skin is heated and vaporized, producing a tightening effect and stimulating fibroblasts within the dermal layer of the skin. This technology has been utilized within the medical field for decades and is completely safe. Only recently have the benefits of using this technology for beauty and aesthetic purposes come to light. In Haute Brows we are at the forefront of beauty giving our clients the best alternatives to maintain beautiful and healthy skin.

Plasma Fibroblast benefits are:

• Skin remains intact, no scalpels or cutting

• No unsightly stitches

• Minimal risks

• Minimal side effects

• Short downtime

• Quick and simple procedure process

• Surgery risks like blindness are eliminated

• No thinning of the skin tissue

• Significantly less expensive than surgery

• Reduced risk of infection

Areas of treatment:

• Scar Correction

• Wrinkle Reduction

• Flat Warts

• Butt Lifts

• Stretch Marks

• Acne Scars

• Common Warts

• Skin Tightening

• Capillary Nevi

• Breast Lifts

• Areola Rejuvenation

• Filiform Warts

• Scar Correction

• Labia Majora Rejuvenation

• Seborrheic Warts

• Skin Tags and Moles

After the first treatment the waiting time is 8 weeks to see results of collagen renovation,

it may required more treatments depending on each skin type and skin care. This unique treatment produces amazing results without ever physically touching the pen to the skin’s surface. As we age, our fibroblasts don’t function as optimally as they used to. These wound-repairing cells are responsible for the extracellular matrix of our skin-- collagen, elastin, fibronectin, hyaluronic acid and other vital skin components are what keep the structure and function of our skin healthy.

Every customer is very unique and for Haute Brows PMU is very important to conduct a consultation to learn about the health history and be sure that is a good candidate for Plasma Fibroblast.

call for a consultation!! 201-208-7004

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