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What is Dermaplaning

What is dermaplaning?


Dermaplaning is a procedure of removing the topmost layer of the skin using a surgical grade scalpel. It does what an exfoliator does, only better and without the chemicals. Dermaplaning leaves your skin looking brighter and more radiant than ever.

What are the benefits of dermaplaning?


After dermaplaning, you instantly notice your skin looking brighter, and your facial hair completely removed. Keep in mind, you do not see the full results of dermaplaning immediately. It would take anywhere from a day to 3 days to actually see the full results.


Your skin texture will be gone and your skin will be looking like a baby’s bum. Your skin glows different, because now you have anew layer of skin on your face. It gets rid of dead skin.


Makeup looks flawless on skin, because now you don’t have any standing hairs, no peach fuzz and a smooth skin texture.


It also helps in evening out your skin tone, and hyperpigmentation, by removing dead skin cells. Just make sure to always use sunscreen and limit sun exposure the day you get it done.


Fine lines are softened. Your skin tends to absorb skin products more, which makes them even more effective. Products like vitamin C or glycolic acid for evening out complexion will work better. Speaking of products that help the skin glow, here are some amazing DIY toners you can make yourself, with products from your own kitchen.

In general dermaplaning is very safe and mostly there are no side effects. At worst, you may get a little pink right after getting it done, and that is if you have sensitive skin. Dermaplaning does not cause breakouts. However, if you have any of the mentioned skin conditions, you may want to skip this skincare step to avoid reactions.Active acneExtremely sensitive skinOpen wounds or raised lesionsAn allergy to nickelUse of Accutane within six months  After Dermaplaning careYou need to avoid direct sunlight for the first 48-72 hours.

Use sunscreen to protect your new layer of skin.

You need to keep your skin moisturized and hydrated.Avoid using exfoliating products for at least a week after dermaplaning.Use a gentle face cleanser.

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