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Permanent Makeup, Microblading and other tattoo procedures has become very popular thanks to social media. When you see the beautiful results of Brows, Eyeliner or Lips you start thinking and fighting with yourself because you want to do it, but so many questions and doubts come to your head. That’s totally normal but only one think I will ask you to do is ;always SELECT the right Artist to perform the job, that one that’s is available to do a complete consultation and answer all your questions and most important ask about your Health History

With that said let me introduce you to Keloids:

· A firm, rubbery, fibrous scar that develops at the site of healed skin.

· Caused due to overgrowth of collagen during healing. A claw like growth over normal skin is the commonly noted

· This condition can appear in any scar of your skin including the face

Permanent cosmetics is a great alternative to enhance your beauty, but as other esthetic procedures are very serious, so is a 50/50 commitment between the artist and customer. The artist will have the education and expertise to evaluate if you are a good candidate, also will be responsible for the use of the best equipment and products to perform the procedure and give you the aftercare instructions. But every client is responsible to give all the health details in the first consultation and be very clear about any type of condition, all this information will avoid the bad experience of having bad results that can damage your skin forever.

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